Arizona Pet Photography and Irish Wolfhound dog Portraits


They are our best friends, confidants and family members. We see the wonder of the world through their eyes and it’s exactly that curiosity we capture in our Arizona pet photography.

Chicago Bears' Mike Ditka Portrait in Phoenix-Scottsdale Arizona


Not many of us are models, but we all have unique character. Capturing authenticity while conveying a natural and comprehensive story is what we communicate in our Arizona portraits.

Creative Visions

We all share universal experiences and emotions that define our lives; and Jason Millstein Photography provides a communal, instantaneous and visceral impact. Arizona portrait and animal photographer Jason Millstein is a storyteller. He uses his camera to create timeless narratives full of emotion and information.


Jason’s ability to help clients achieve their own creative vision has made him a sought-after magazine photographer.
His consistent vision and storytelling portrait photography has made him a familiar presence in the editorial pages of these magazines.

Scott Wallace
Partner at Wallace, Plese + Dreher LLP

Jason handled and continues to handle our professional photographic needs extremely well. He understands our business objectives, which directs the way he conducts his photographic sessions and output.

Haney Abdelaziz

The photos and end results are EXTRAORDINARY!  However, the entire experience is what pushes my rating to 100% and a must go to for anyone seeking a creative professional photographer.

Deliah Rose
Director of Sales & Marketing at Wildhorse Pass Hotel and Casino

I dream big and Jason helps bring it to life! Talented point of view, creative concepts and infectious personality. He is a must in my marketing campaigns. I cherish his ethic, communication and expertise.

Andy Melanson
Devotee of Finn

He made the photo shoot fun, took the time to get to know us and helped guide us in our decisions.  The pictures of Finn made my wife tear up with joy, and every time I pass them they bring a big smile to my face.

Beth Starkey
Creature Owner

If a photographer could capture a dog’s soul in print, Jason beautifully succeeded with my dog, Frankie. A wonderful investment to insure a future with stunningly detailed portraits of your most faithful companion.

Melody Hudson
Associate Director of Public Relations, R&R Partners

Jason is my standard go to person for photography. He is professional, detail oriented, punctual and a self starter. I give him basic details of a project and trust him to use his creative energy to provide the best results. I would highly recommend him as on of the top photographers in the valley.

Jason Schechterle
Keynote Speaker at

Working with Jason is a pleasurable, comfortable collaboration. He is detail oriented and makes sure that you’re proud of the end result. Jason has a deep respect for his trade and a work ethic to be admired.

Stephen Ramey
COO, Today's Patio

In all the years I’ve worked with him, he has consistently provided us with the crisp, stunning images we seek, as well as drawing on his experiences and extensive knowledge to help us find creative, out-of-the-box, ideas to accomplish our goals.