Dog's Day at the Arizona Desert Botanical Gardens

Stop on by the the Desert Botanical Garden Dog Days tomorrow.  This is the ultimate dog walk, for you and your pet.  Weather is suppose to be great and the botanical gardens are in picture perfect shape.  If you're looking for something brilliant to do this Saturday 8-2.

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The Power of Senior Pets

Last November we joined forces with the Arizona Humane Society to photograph senior dogs and cats . This month Animal Sheltering Magazine took some time and space to write an article about the overwhelming success we had with getting those lovable seniors adopted.  Big thank you to Julie Falconer and the magazine for including us.   You can read the interview in its entirety here

Halloween Portraits at OHSO Brewing

Thanks to everyone that came out to get the dogs photographed at Arcadia's OHSO brewery.  The event was sponsored by Puff & Fluff grooming.  We hope you enjoy a few of our favorite dog photographs.

Drive Thrus for Dogs? Great for after a hard day...

The First Dog Food Drive-Thru Serves up 'Bowwow Bowls'

Starbucks has the Puppuccinos, Shake Shack has the Pooch-ini and In and Out Burger has the Puppy Patty. But now there’s a drive thru solely for your pup.

Reportedly the first drive thru for dogs, Bane & Vader’s  in Easton, Penn. is reinventing dog bowls by letting owners build their own “Bowwow Bowl.”

Similar to Chipotle, owners start out picking a protein base – salmon, ground beef, turkey or chicken – and then choose two vegetables, including carrots, peas or cooked squash. The bowl also includes a choice of grains, along with a selection of toppings – yogurt, eggs, pumpkin, peanut butter or cottage cheese. (There is even grain-free and raw options, too.)   And the concept seems to be a hit.  Read More...

Is your Dog a vegan....

Interesting news out of the UK....

They made their dog a VEGAN 16 years ago and he's barely been to the vet since

Ann Boyce and husband Gary haven't fed their pooch a morsel of meat since they got her when she was just six months old and they claim it's healthier and a lot cheaper

Ann Boyce with Tara the vegan dog

At 17, Tara is long in the tooth for a labrador. But there’s plenty of life in the old dog yet – and her owners say it is down to a ­lifelong VEGAN diet.

Ever since Ann Boyce, 66, and her husband Gary, 67, rescued her when she was six months old, they have not fed her a single meat morsel. The doggy diet may be controversial but Ann claims it’s healthier – and cheap.

She told the Sunday People : “Tara has never been ill and we’ve never really had to take her to the vet. I have had insurance and it has been a waste of money.

“Vegan pet food isn’t any more ­expensive either. We can buy a 15kg bag online for the same price as normal pet food in the shops.”  Read More...

Do you think your animal would be healthier on a Vegan Diet?

Don't Stress out your Pets

  1. Make sure your doors & windows are secured and keep your pet in a comfortable windowless room with no harmful items they can chew.
  2. Take your pet for a walk before the festivities begin, exercise will help relax them.
  3. Distract them by playing a game with one of their favorite toys or treats.
  4. Consider turning on a bathroom fan or music to drown out some of the noise.

Despite the heat there are so many things I love about summertime. Parades down main street, fireworks filling the night sky and camping beneath the stars. But while these warm-weather attractions might be fun for us, they can be frightening and even dangerous for our pets.

Is your hairball is as sensitive as my Ella? When fireworks start popping so does she, with barks, howls and the occasional attack of the sky. Over the years I have distracted her by giving her a special Moosey reserved only for fireworks and thunderstorms. She now associates her Mossey with positive calm behavior. Here a few tips you can use to keep your furry friends relaxed and safe this summer season:

Have a happy and safe Independence Day, and thank you for being a part of our community and continuing to support my photography.


Diamondbacks' Brandon Drury makes a Dog's Dream Come True, or at least I'm pretty sure he had a great time.


Under the glare of the ground crew and after an unscheduled "chase" around the bases, Earl was able to relax with Diamondbacks' outfielder Brandon Drury. 

Pick up a copy of Phoenix Dog Magazine today to learn more about Brandon Drury and Earl's bucket list. The magazine is new to the valley and hot off the presses next week. The valley-wide, free magazine celebrates the dog/human bond and raises awareness of local shelter and rescue animals.

Find out more or see the e-version here.  Free copies available valley-wide at Pet Clubs and other pet friendly locations.

Photos of Arizona Diamondbacks Outfielder Brandon Drury by Jason Millstein

Photo Series Wins Competition

They liked us, they really liked us.  We are honored to have been chosen in this year's 2016 Rangefinder Magazine photography competition dedicated to all-things-animal, from four-legged friends to creatures and wildlife. Best Friends was open to both personal and commissioned work.

With thousands of entries to chose from we are very grateful to the Arizona Humane Society for allowing us the photograph their adoptable seniors in the commissioned work category.

Experience Comes at a Premium

Today’s culture is somewhat fixated with opportunities that eliminate the need to do the work. Whether it’s for weight loss or career advancement it seems that around every corner there is someone trying to sell a short cut, and the photography industry is no exception.

The reality is that there is no substitute for hard work and it’s the photographers that put the time in and take advantage of the opportunity to learn from their hard work that truly capture amazing photographs. At Jason Millstein Photography we have been photographing for over 22 years. We are strongly equipped to handle any pet or personality that may come our way thanks to those many years and unique experiences.

Cool Cats

We had such a wonderful afternoon making pet photography photographs of Alice's two cats Biddy and Gray.  Whenever, we get cats or kittens in the studio our biggest fear is that they see the nice open space rafters and head for the highest one.  Not these two, however, Gray being a bit on the pudgy side didn't even have the desire to move.  Thanks for setting up your cat portrait session Alice, they purrfect models.

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People, pets and photos

I've always tried to be small and a bit bashful when I'm taking animal photographs. I use to have an art director who called me the Jewish ninja.  The idea of my presence with a camera changing the landscape in some way always defeated the purpose of why I raised my camera in the first place.  But not this time.  While on a pet photography assignment at Pinnacle Peak Animal Hospital a door opened and out came the lovely Judy Rosell making my job that much more fun. Thanks Judy for your help and the wonderful staff over at Pinnacle Peak Animal Hospital for doing such great work.

Tails were waggin at Gardens

If you were able to stop by the the Desert Botanical Garden Dog Days last weekend we know you had a great day and experienced an incredible event. Over 1100 dogs attended and we played with at least half of them. If you didn't make it, don't worry, we heard there might be another coming soon.

Thanks again to all of you who stopped by, shared your photos and said hello. We had over 385 people sign up for a chance to win a free studio portrait session. Congratulations to Melissa C, Leslie L, C.L. G & Vicki B. We can't wait to meet our new furry friends.

Dogs in the Garden & Salsa at Gertrude's

Grab your animal & pet and come down to the Desert Botanical Gardens this Saturday January 23rd.  Walk around the garden with your four legged friends from 8-2. If you want to get an earlier start you should go for a hike at Papago Park across the street and tire those mutts out.  See you in the Garden, but probably at Gertrude's. 

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The Soul of a Dog

I meet David and his 8-year old schnauzer Jake yesterday at the studio.  David was kind enough to donate to the Third Annual Children First Gala earlier this month by bidding on a pet photo session. David is a bit of older gentleman, from an older generation. He was tough, specific and to the point on the phone during our consultation.  When he arrived at the studio's back door with Jake, he shook my hand sternly, looked me in the eye and said, "Jake just got his teeth cleaned." I then watched Jake jump into his lap and David turn into an animal lover that would do anything for his pet. You all know that feeling; the connection only you and your pet have. That is the connection of souls. 

Project Arizona Humane Society

I am so excited to be working on a new documentary project with the Arizona Humane Society.  Helping to showcase all their incredible animal welfare efforts is a project close to my heart.  For me animals have always been very therapeutic. Whether frustrated, sad, depressed or tired just seeing an animal elevates my spirits. Once completed, I hope this project inspires your spirit to soar.

Arizona Humane Society    ©Jason Millstein 2015

For more information on how to adopt or volunteer please visit: Arizona Humane Society